Rain,Raining,Rained...Manipal III

There's a small pathway going down towards those mountains passing through those jungles obviously...and thats what i was going to follow today....

Small rain drops kept falling on the top of our hill (thats where our college is located ...if u wish!!!) only to coalesce to form bigger drops and then small streams running down along the road from the top, taking with it stones and pebbles,some big some small,at nature's beck and call. As the amount of rainfall grew,so did the volume of water in these streams...which wud then go on to become bigger and bigger....sometimes, forming new channels to go down by the shortest route, and sometimes just following the broken gutters that were supposedly made for this purpose.

Well, these small streams would then meet streams coming in from other directions to form Rivulets (thats what they are called....i think...) and keep growing in size....only to meet the river flowing somewhere in the midst of the jungles in the valley below...and then follow the river to finally end its journey in the sea...losing all its might...that it seemed to be so proud of, just some time ago!!!

And if u cud be a bit imaginative and philosophical,u wud realise, this is d way LIFE goes on as well....beginning as small kids,unknown to the world around,trying to learn new things,meeting new friends...and moving ahead all along...facing new problems every moment,sometimes moving on paths behind others and sometimes creating new ways to guide ourselves over them,only to lose ourselves into the abyss of the unknown finally...like the sea!!!!

Anyways, I had lost myself somewhere in those thoughts and did not realise, that i had moved more than a couple of miles ahead on d path that i had choosen some time ago.The path kept going up and down like a roller coaster with small huts and fields randomly placed along it.But sadly enuf, there wasn't the Haunted house to be seen anywhere. What i did find, were haunted Jungles all around me.....Jungles haunted by the unwanted human presence,that is.

It had still been drizzling and i had started feeling cold. The sun too, had started towards its journey to the other part of the world giving the sky a pink peach orange hue that, sadly for me, suggested the time to return back. So,back to my own cottage it was, to finally pack up bags to be taken on a different kind of journey later that night....a journey that wud take 24 hrs in the train:)


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