Rain,Raining,Rained...Manipal I

As is d case wid all great things...this day too began wid a small dream.......just dat, in d end, there wasn't nething great about it.....read on.....

It was a beutiful day.....Grey clouds dotted d sky here and there and the sun, having risen just a few minutes ago, was playing hide and seek...and seemed to be enjoying it as well.A perfect day to be out on a picnic,one wud imagine....And then, we were having our own kind of fun....playing cricket in our colony premises.

The pitch was soggy, the bat somehow managed to stay in one piece after each shot, and d ball looked like a ball...(from a few angles,that is..)Obviously, the toss wud play a crucial role in such conditions.....and luckily, my team won it.....we batted for some time ...gave them a nice total to chase...and then...it was our chance to field.i being the dumbest fielder,was as usual,sent to the boundary wall to sit and watch.(not that i hated it a bit!!!)but then, something happened...i found myself running after the balll...trying to stop it from crossing the small wall that marked our boundary and the colony premises as well.And as u wud have imagined, failed!!!!The ball,having found its freedom,chose to splash itself right into the middle of a puddle created by last nights rain and it was my duty to somehow retrieve it.As i tried stooping over the water, to try and get the ball out using my long hands....i somehow lost my balance and found myself right in d middle of a mess ...

Well,it took some time for me to realise that it wasn't exactly d kind of mess that i was expected to be in...This was my Room....wid all things thrown around...waiting to be packed into boxes....and kept into the hostel common rooms.....

Gud Mornin!!!!!!!!!!!


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