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Taking Flight!

Living in a city can become monotonous at times. And monotony was what was broken on 20th March this year. It was World Sparrow Day and it could have passed by without a fuss like many other Days - Drinking Straw Day, Chocolate Day or even Valentine's Day but for Ahmedabad Mirror's wonderful initiative to distribute sparrow houses to interested people in Ahmedabad. These sparrow houses are small clay pots with a small hole at the top. The aim was to provide sparrows with lots of cozy spaces in the city to build their nests and give birth to little chicks because spaces is what these little birds can't find in the concrete and glass buildings of our times.
And I think, the houses with the small hole were specially designed to prevent other more intruding birds like pigeons from building their nests in it. Being the nature enthusiast that I am (self proclaimed if you so wish), I got hold of a sparrow house and its feed from an AM reporter. Placing the house in a safe, sec…

Lessons well Learnt

Learning it Calvin & Hobbes Style!! :\

- picked up from gocomics!