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GD/PI @ IRMA - An experience

This has to be one of my best experiences of giving an Interview
(haven't given many before :D).
But seriously, must be said that the Group Discussions and Interviews were very well conducted. And they don't give a damn to your certificates or how u dress. I went in with my floaters on and no one questioned me even once!!!
PS: That said, not wearing formal shirts and trousers would be going a bit over the top!

It all began at precisely 9:00 am when we got our name tags. We then had a briefing session which was followed by question-answer round where the director was himself there to answer our queries.I was very impressed by him :)
One thing that everyone there makes it very clear right from the beginning is that MBA at IRMA is not something anyone can do...u need to have a feeling towards rural mgmt.
We were divided into three groups (instead of 4) as attendance was low...just 28 out of 40.

I was in group 1 so our Group Discussion started immediately. The topic given was 'Indian…