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My Den'TEST...

Yups...visiting the dentist to get a tooth pulled out is the tuffest test i could ve undertaken. of my teeth...and the last one for it...took up some of my liking for sleeping and came out sleeping itself. And when u ve a tooth coming out at an angle of 34 degrees, u can't do much, other than get it pulled out.

So, i am sitting on the hot seat with all mechanical instruments eager to work out lying beside me. We have learnt destruction is easier than construction. But today i changed my perspective. And i also kno why engineering @MIT was such fun when some ppl struggled at KMC. And at the end of it, i ve lost atleast a part of my wisdom :(

And, after so many years, i ve finally found a new year resolution at the right time...I ll do whatever for not taking this test again even if that means wasting a bit of toothpaste at nyt :D

A Tough Ask??

As i walk along the crowded pavement towards the market, i cannot help but notice a man sitting by the lamp-post. He is shabbily dressed to say the least. Every now and then he waves his hands in an attempt to shoo off the flies that seem to be feasting on his legs. His clothes are tattered and his face looks sullen like he has been suffering from some disease for a long long time.

This isn't the first time i am seeing him here. Nor is it that his condition today is worse than what it has been before. Just that today, there is a burning desire within me, to find out what drives this man and what it is that he wants from his life.

Is it money??? But how long will a few dollars last? That won't change his life forever. He ll be found here again, once he has wasted his cash on a few drinks in the city bar.

Is it education??? Does education guarantee success? or peace or freedom? What do you teach a guy who has spent more than half his life watching educated people run around desp…

A parting tribute to Manipal

So as we get ready to pack up and say our byes to Manipal, i would like to sum up my life over here one last time...Here s a list of things i ll miss about Manipal (from most to least).....

1. My Classmates -Really can't take them outta here. they have an equal stake in all the fun i have had.
2. Being in the top 31 students suspended from giving the final end sem :D
3. The K block gang & the wonderful first year we had...
4. All those bike rides sitting pillion to vikas varun and prusty
5. The IE E&C gang...a gr8 learning experience
6. Working for TechTatva in 4 straight years
7. My trips to Kerela, Bekal, Yana, Gokarna, Kaup@night etc. etc.
8. The so many anna s who made life in manipal so much more easier
9. The beauty around manipal (nature wise and otherwise ;))
10. My Faculty- Some sooo gr8 and others so gr8 for having funn wid ;)
11. The always busy construction company. They worked like a BPO serving 150 nations across the globe!!!

And the list will keep going atleast for the…

All these xams...ohh god

So heres me posting after a long long time.
Actually i have been busy preparing for these xams that keep popping up from somewhere or the other every now and then...

And when there aren't xams to give, there are application forms to be filled for all those institutes that teach us time management and stuff. See, here's a proof...

‘Management is the art of achieving set goals by efficiently utilizing available resources through innovation, dedication and teamwork’. As the world moves towards becoming a truly global economy, the demand for quality managers has gone up. It is with these ideas in mind that I would like to pursue an MBA from one of the most reputed colleges in India.
Coming from an engineering background, I have learnt how systems that can help change the way humans live are developed. But implementing and maintaining these systems in actual conditions is something that can only be learnt by pursuing a career in management. In the future, I see myself develo…