My Den'TEST...

Yups...visiting the dentist to get a tooth pulled out is the tuffest test i could ve undertaken. of my teeth...and the last one for it...took up some of my liking for sleeping and came out sleeping itself. And when u ve a tooth coming out at an angle of 34 degrees, u can't do much, other than get it pulled out.

So, i am sitting on the hot seat with all mechanical instruments eager to work out lying beside me. We have learnt destruction is easier than construction. But today i changed my perspective. And i also kno why engineering @MIT was such fun when some ppl struggled at KMC. And at the end of it, i ve lost atleast a part of my wisdom :(

And, after so many years, i ve finally found a new year resolution at the right time...I ll do whatever for not taking this test again even if that means wasting a bit of toothpaste at nyt :D


hahaha...i ve had the experience of getting a tooth pulled out and its a hellish experience, to say the least!!

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