The Art of Living 'DIRTY'

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Lessons in hygiene that i have been taking from a variety of people keep ringing in my head all the time. Initially, there were moms and teachers who told us to not to throw our socks here and there after school and now, there are girlfriends who never mind giving lectures on how to keep your room clean. But, one just wonders, what if the importance of hygiene was twisted on its head to mean the importance of non-hygiene???           
The idea flashed through my head during one of those discussions about field-work that are a common exercise in IRMA. Just to give the unaware a bit of light, field-work is a part of our curriculum here where we are supposed to live in a village for two months and come out of it alive. I mean, you have to be alive enough to present reports having 15000 - 20000 words in them.
Coming back to point, the discussion mainly revolves around the latest happenings (or mis-happenings should I say) of the village. And the happenings could be anything from a malaria outbreak to naxal attacks to floods to... And with these happenings, invariably come the conditions that people live in. What crops in next is not for the faint hearted.
Well, reality is, most of the villages in India don't ve proper sanitation and waste treatment systems which makes them dirty. So carrying lotas to a hidden place behind a bush, squatting on the walls of the govt. building, peeing by the roadside, gutters overflowing across the road, etc. is a common sight and surviving in these conditions is a tough ask especially for city-bred guys like me.
So, wudn't it have been much better if we were given training in non-hygiene much earlier in life? In short, wudn't it ve been better if we were allowed to throw our socks here and there, play in the mud and have fun?
Even if u don't plan to work in a village, it wud help develop a sense of empathy towards the rural poor, take a lot of headache out of mom s head and help surf excel do better business (the fun part cud be the side effect)!
So dirtiness starts from your study desk...what say???


lovely! i just love the way you put it!! way to go my friend!! More. we want more posts from you... I am sure you will have a lot to write about after that field trip of yours...waiting eagerly...
Anshuman said…
Thank You...with a bow :D
Just hope i ll be able to put my field-work experiences here!
Krishna said…
Amazing Anshuman... Its one of those kinds of fact which one should realize in his life.. nice reading to it.. its one of those very good writing i have ever read..
keep going
abhinav said…
mamu...thumbs up....

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