The Economics of Bribing - II

Actually the story above was supposed to be a short one, but just couldn't help it. So here goes the economics...
Well, the questions I was asking there is how do u stop this kinda X-Inefficiency? TTB was pretty happy paying 100 bucks as that might be his utility for the ticket and paying lesser than that would only increase his surplus. The TTE, on his part, got a surplus of Rs. 70 himself. So, when both parties involved are making profit, why wouldn't they go for it?
Well the Govt. is the one who is bearing the loss here. But then are we so self less that we would consider the losses borne by a far away Govt. to let go of our own immediate profits? Or are people living in countries with a CPI Score of  greater than 9 so self-less? Or is it that they have such robust systems that prevent corruption? Or just maybe a mix of both these.
Moreover, considering that TTB was just happy to not have been fined and sent to the general compartment, cud he have possibly dared to confront the TTE and asked him for a receipt?  Wouldn't that have required a more than normal dose of courage and selflessness??
In any case, there s some thinking to be done on how do we address this issue. Jaago Re is good but just not good enuff...


bhargavi said…
Well....TTB should have asked for the receipt. That sounds ideal, but if TTB is so concerned about it that he writes a story about it on his blog then he should have asked fr the receipt. monetarily, it was just a matter or 30 bucks, which, isn't a great deal for TTB i guess.

It is only when TBs* and NSTBs* start doing such things on their level that we can talk about it at the national level.

*Thin Boys
*Not so thin boys
Anshuman said…
hmmm...couldn't the TTE have very easily asked TTB to leave the sleeper compartment and get lost? or better still, pay a fine for getting into the wrong cmptmnt and take the receipt along?
kirti said…
but y cudnt the TTB himself wid some conscience get into d general compartment and faced d situation instead of taking an easier way....y do u want to discuss about selflessness n corruption...dis wud not have been arisen, if TTB acted honestly.....

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