My Xperience wid BLOGGING...

Not a long time since i first created this blog.Actually it was the curiosity of finding out what attracted so many people towards it which made me do this.And almost a month has passed but i m still trying to figure it out.Here's what i concluded after hours of thinking....

May be its d pleasure of seeing your point of view and experiences printed all across the screen that excites so many people.After all, who doesn't like enforcing his views on others, and that too,when he has the choice of either listening(or rather reading) or completely ignoring the others point.At the same time, it helps in a way, that different people can express their thoughts on a particular subject.Recently,there was an article in the TOI about blogging and it said blogging helps evolve citizen journalism.Not that i disagree,but this is only true as long as it does not add to d confusion(which it usually does) and there's atleast one extremely patient person who cud read all those different points of views!!!And I don't wish to believe that there are people in this world who have such spare time so as to read what happened to a dumbass on the evening of 30th of july,2003 when he was on a visit to $%#&$ in Africa!!!

Then, there's a lot of exciting things that cud be done on your blog like the VisualDNA widget(working overhead) that i picked up from some unsuspecting blogger.But again, to discover these funky things, u need a lot of wela time and patience(Ahh!!! not again!!!!) or maybe, plain simple luck.Have a 40,000+ people got that kind of time or luck, to enjoy blogging????

As told earlier,not a long time since i first started blogging and my profile visits shows that 30 odd people have already visited it.Well, i know that 20 out of those 30 wud be my own hits...when there's nobody online on orkut and i ve got nothing else to do.But still, I can't imagine who the remaining 10 people are,who cared to visit a dumb Blog as this.Bored, carefree net surfers is what i can only think of.

So, this topic keeps baffling me whenever i think of my Blog.Maybe i ll have some insight into it as time goes by.And some time from now, whenever i m bored, exhausted,fed up of every day life, this Blog is where u ll find me, with my own donation to the ever increasing internet junk!!!

PS: If u have read d whole of the bullshit pasted above and are still continuing to do so, welcome to the world of WELA Bloggers.....Enjoyyyy!!!!!!!


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