A Tale of Two Sisters

Once upon a time, not too long ago in India lived two sisters. The sisters were so called twins - born on the same day, same time but that was the only thing they shared in common. The contrast was quite alarming - while one of them was fair, tall and beautiful, the other one was dark, short and dull. While one of them was bright and blue-eyed, the other one was sulky and shy. While one of them was alive and kicking, the other one was depressed and dying.

Not only that, even the society treated them differently. While one of them had access to all that she desired, the other one did not dare to desire. While one of them got the best of education, the other one only knew the word - education. While one of them was allowed to play and enjoy, the other one worked for her joy. While one of them awoke each morning looking at the sky, the other one slept every night wishing she wasn't alive.While laughter was a way of life for one of them, the other one cried too often.

Need less to say, one of the them lived on the other in every each way. And tragedy is, one of them was called Urbane India!!

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