Impressions...of the First Kind

Another few days went missing on my blogosphere. And this wasn't because I did not have anything to write but more because i was busy coping up with a new way of life called IRMA.
So we are almost into our third week of classes here and there have already been loads of things to write down. Finishing off the boring acads part first... The profs are really good...sitting in class i sometimes imagine what wud i do if i did not know this....and 'this' here could be anything about human behavior, accounts, economics etc etc. The rural part of management keeps popping its head up every now and then and at least i enjoy it :)
Though quite a few ppl here who wud like to end up in a corporate job after two years sometimes hate it. So talking about people... got a chance to meet quite a few of them. Met some wierdos and some extraterritorial species as well... the sex ratio is pretty normal for an MBA school (30:110) i guess. Haven't interacted with the girls much as we have loads of people trying to catch their attention. We have what i must call the attention grabbing syndrome all around. so what was seen at a smaller scale during engineering is now done at a larger scale. Probably so because people are pretty experienced here and confident as well...we had our student council elections yesterday after lots of political speeches and canvassing. Thank god its over...
Exams and quizzes keep coming at you like bullets from a machine gun here and so just two weeks after our induction, we realize that we are two weeks away from our first midterms... :|
I know there s more waiting to unfold as days go by here...and there ll be more to learn :)


Another reason for the scale up in the syndrome apart from higher confidence and experience could be that the people here are more aged, nearer to marriage and so have less time and are more desperate to get girlfriends!! :P:P
Anshuman said…
Naah...forming girlfriends here would be a rarity...they r all committed u see :|
abhinav said…
why do u keep generalizing things mamu???you are committed doesn't mean "they are all committed" hurts..;-)

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